PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR RABBIT IN A BATH! Rabbits are very high maintenance and they usually do not require baths. IF your rabbit is dirty, a spot cleaning with a wet paper towel or UNSCENTED (very important that it is unscented) baby wipes are ideal. DO NOT USE THE SCENTED BABY WIPES! They contain a substance called turc which is VERY HARMFUL to your bunnies. If your rabbit's bottom becomes dirty for whatever reason and NEEDS bath, just dip and clean the bottom part of your bunny. Rabbits become easily stressed and there are times when a bunny is put in a regular bath and becomes fatal. When drying your rabbit, letting it dry itself is ideal. Have a towel ready and pat down as much water as possible from your rabbit. Then, put your rabbit in a room temperature room and s/he will dry him/herself. AGAIN,  if you MUST, put your rabbit under a blow dryer with the setting of LOW. Blow drying often stresses  the rabbit out and also can make your rabbit overheat with can also become fatal.


Rabbits are natural groomers and therefore, they consume substantial amounts of their own fur, especially during the molting season. Since rabbits do NOT have the ability to regurgitate, the only way to pass is from the other side. Hay in this case helps pass those fur through the stomach and the intestines. Combing the rabbit regularly, at least once a week will assist in reducing the probability of intestinal blockage, otherwise known as GastroIntestinal Stasis or for short, G.I. Stasis.


If you have a rabbit with fleas, use ADVANTAGE Kitten Dose. PLEASE DO NOT use FRONTLINE! This is FATAL to rabbit! Other recommended flea treatment that you can use is an all-in-one prescribed medication of Revolution which kills fleas, mites, heart worms, and other parasites that may be residing inside the rabbit's body. 


If you notice any wax build up in your rabbit's ear, get a q-tip and oil based solution (baby oil, mineral oil, olive oil), please try avoiding any animal based oils, and gently sweep the insides of the ear. Make sure you do not stick it right into the ear and be careful. If anything, please go to your vet and get your rabbit's ear cleaned up.


If you are going to cut your rabbit's nail, please make sure you do NOT cut the quick part of the nail. Quick is the part where there is blood running through and many people do not think and accidentally cut the quick off. For humans, its like cutting the tip if your finger off and leaving only a little bit of the nail. If anything, again, please go to your vet and your vet will most likely let you know where the quick is and will be able to cut the nails for you.


A rabbit's teeth is constantly growing like nails on humans. Sometimes, a rabbit's teeth can grow in an angle and they have problems eating so ALWAYS have hay which will help grind down the teeth, and also having a chewing toy can file down the teeth. However, there are times when this is not enough and requires additional clippings of their teeth. Please consult with your vet BEFORE clipping your rabbit's teeth! Rabbits have 4 teeth on the top, 2 teeth in the bottom and they also have molar teeth which is located in the very back of their mouth. For those rabbits in need of trimming their teeth, they probably would also need the molar teeth trimmed in addition to the front teeth.