Hello! If you have recently adopted a bunny or bunnies and are looking for information about how to take care of your fur baby, you have come to the right place! Just click away the icons on your left for more information!

If you have any questions regarding your bunny not stated on the website, please feel free to contact me!

Easter is coming up and if you are thinking of BUYING a rabbit, PLEASE watch this video and re-think that! :)

Ten Commandments for Bunny Moms and Dads

Please understand that this is NOT a non-profit rabbit rescue organization, BUT rather an independent rescue. This DOES NOT mean that we adopt out rabbits to whomever would want one. We will be doing an in-home check to see where they will be living, if the house is bunny proofed, etc. Also, you will be signing a contract with BHRR regarding the rabbit(s). If you also would like to donate to help us pay for food, veterinarian visits, and spay / neuter surgeries, go to Donate tab on your left hand side and put your desired amount through PayPal! (This is NOT tax deductible!) THE BUNNIES THANKS YOU!