#1: It's CHEAPER!

Often times, adopting from shelters and/or rescue groups are cheaper because they come already spayed and neutered and you know that they are healthy! Pet store rabbits are separated from their mother too young and there is a high risk of the bunny dying very early. PLUS, they do NOT come spayed and neutered so that means YOU will be spending about $300 to fix your rabbit. Many of the rescue groups will charge you adoption fees which ranges from organization to organization but they are usually around $50-70 and no more than $100. That means you are saving over $200 from YOUR pocket!

#2: You're SAVING LIVES!

And yes, LIVES. Plural. Every rabbit or any kind of animal in this case that you adopt from a shelter or a rescue group, you are NOT ONLY saving that animal's life but also the one that REPLACES that animal's spot in the shelter. So ADOPT!