Rabbits can see pretty much 360 degrees except for 10 degrees behind the ears. They need to be constantly be alert so  they need to have a wide peripheral vision. Many herbivores have the eyes on the side as opposed to many carnivores who have eyes in the front.


Rabbits can hear very well with those ears but the real reason they are big is so they can cool off when they are hot. Often times, when they are in a very hot climate or in very stressful moments such as being in a car, their ears become very hot. The best thing to do in these situations is to wet them ears and they will cool off very well and effectively. DO NOT pick the rabbit with their EARS! 


Rabbits have very weak bone structures and therefore, they can break their bones VERY easily. Therefore, when picking up a rabbit, it is CRUCIAL to support their bottom AT ALL TIMES! Since rabbits do not like getting picked up, often times, when you pick them up, they will kick and one STRONG kick can break the rabbits back and keep them paralyzed for the rest of their lives.