Fecal poops are the so called "rabbit poop" that we all are aware of. they are the dry, brown, round poops. The poop should contain PLENTY of hay and should able to squish the poop with your two fingers. If you are not able to squish and it is really hard, increase the intake of hay by lessening pellets and/or vegetables.


Cecal poops are on the other hand are not really known to many people. They are usually eaten right out of their anus and is a vital part or rabbit's health. If your bunny is diapered or is disabled and is unable to reach the cecal poops, you must offer them or they will most likely die from malnutrition if not given for a prolonged period of time. If they are not eating these poops, it means that they are receiving less than half of the nuritents that they are consuming. But if you have a normal healthy bunny, s/he should eat it right out, therefore should not see any of these cecal poops. If you do find stray cecal poops, it usually means that the bunny is having too rich diet and the hay intake should be increased and lessen the vegetables and especially pellets.